02 YZF vs WRF plastics

Can anyone tell me offhand what difference there is between the 02 YZF plastics and the 02 WRF plastics in the 426 (mainly the shrouds)?

Are they interchangeable . . . I don't imagine so, without also changing the seat and tank but it's worth asking.

They are interchangable but will require a little trimming of the bracing.I used a utility knife and only took about 10 min to make them fit correctly.

On my 01WR426 I changed out the seat and tank. I put on a 3.5 gallon YZ style tank. This required me to install a YZ style seat as well which I got from SDG. I also had Works Connection radiator guards on at the time. My shrouds fit fine. I don't think the plastics are different between the 01 and 02 YZ/WR other then the rear fender (WR) which has lights and is a totally different shape.

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