Time-Serts, anyone know where to........

get them and how much? does anyone have a timesert kit for their WR's oil drain bolt in the crank case? if so, could I "rent" the kit for a week or so?



The kit includes the O.S. tap drill, the time sert tap, a counter bore tool, and a roll tap instalation tool.

Email me your address and I will ship it to you blue with two inserts.

Be patient and get the tap drill as square as possible...


Getting the drill and the tap started straight are critical. That and drill a small hole in the side of the Time-Sert so the oil will drain out properly.

I'll also extend the offer to anyone in need of a kit. I have a complete selection of sizes (5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10x1.25mm, 10x1.5mm, 12x1.25mm, 12x1.5mm) if anyone needs one. A Heli-coil is a temporary repair at best where a Time-Sert is a permanent repair better than the original if done correctly.


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I have a 01 KTM520SX, and the one 8mm head (6mm thread?) bolt for the clutch cover stripped on me at Elsinore when we visited CA in August. My uncle took a 1/4" bolt and we threaded it in to do a temp fix. It worked...and considering I was almost 3000 miles away from home, with a possible major mechanical, I was HAPPY!!

Time to fix it for real though. I see oil splooge all the time out that area now.

E-mail me - DethWshBkr@aol.com and I can buy some of them off of you then.

THe threads are normal bolts that you use an 8mm nut driver/ratchet to remove. I believe those are 6mm.


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thanks for the generosity, I am gonna tear into her this weekend and find out if the case is indeed stripped out. I will let you guys know.

Thanks again,



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