2000 XR600R I just bought

The following was copied from the Ebay ad I got the bike from. What else should a guy do to squeeze out some more power from it? All inputs appreciated. Also, how can a dude fix the elec prob it has, just from the sounds of it, might be a bugger. Goin to pick it up saturday. Hope my 02 CRF450 desnt get too jealous. Aslo, is this a good commuter? I have 14 miles each wat on a 4 lane. Stop and go type stuff. Thanks again. JL

***Vehicle Description

You are Bidding on a 2000 Honda XR 600R. Florida Titled and Street Legal. Bike is in good condition. Has some Electrical short with Blinkers... The stater is not charging the battery, so I charge the battery before I ride. But other than that It's a solid running bike

New Items Put on Bike:

o Front and Rear Wheel Bearings

o Twin Air Filter

o White Brothers Exhaust

o High Lifter Reusable Oil Filter (Pictured)

o Endurance Trail Tech Computer with Speedometer and Odometer

o New Battery

Tires have %20 wear***

Are you sure that it's the stator? My bet would be with the rectifier

being bad.


Bob East

Beats me....Figured I'd ask in here first, then buy parts or take it to a shop...

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