Pictures & Video: Sunday 02/04/2006 Riding pics and hill climb video.

Long day. Great ride boys!!!

By sunset i had burnt all my fuel! It was about 30 min before dark when i hit RES. mark was on about 7km of his RES already. we where lost and some what confused, heading in the wrong direction. we made the smart choice to go way back the way we came. thankfully we made it back through the river and up the other side to where there was a known logging road system. he ran out just as we hit the roads. so we did allot of coasting in neutral tucked down. on the flats and up hills i was towing him with my back pack in 4th gear @ 2500rpm. We made it back to the trucks just as i ran out of fuel and it was getting dark {well after sunset}.

prob the most fun day of riding i have had since Cambodia. :thumbsup::confused:

This is the straight of Juan De Fuca. in the distance in the Olympic mountains {Washington state}.


This trail had not been ridden for 2-5 years.








Another viewpoint looking south.



Here is a short video of a new line i made on a hill in a pit. the first rider is mark, the second is me.

and here are pictures for people who cant get vids to work :thumbsup:










in this last picture my bashplate is at about the height of the spotters head.


Looks like real nice riding...

Great pictures! Thanks. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

WOW!! :thumbsup:

Awsome pics Simon. I couldnt believe you made those cliff climbs :thumbsup:

That is what riding is all about! Great story and Awesome pics!!! :confused::thumbsup: I wish I could have opened the vid... but at least I got the audio portion!!! :thumbsup:

Now I have to get back to work and off TT for a little while... :bonk::bonk::bonk: ....

Nice pic's :thumbsup: Trail looks brutal.

I could only get audio on the video also.

Cool pictures and video. it worked fine for me. Update those codecs.

Nice pics Simon :confused::thumbsup:

You and your boys continue to represent the WR :thumbsup: Can't wait for the next batch of your helmet cam footage.

Take care

the vid requires Divx. its not complicated or new..............

do a google search and read a bit.

Wow wish I was there nice pix !!

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