04 yz450 oil change

alright i just got my 450 not too long ago and ive put a few hours on it so im ready to change the oil for the first time. i cant find my owners manual and i tried the search on this site and cant find a procedure. im sure there have been plenty of threads on this, but if someone could post a link to one with a procedure and a diagram of where all the drains are for me, i would appreciate it. thank you.

Just change the oil man, unscrew the plug, let it drain out, screw the plug back in, fill.

Just change the oil man, unscrew the plug, let it drain out, screw the plug back in, fill.
You're a big help.

Read the Procedure for an '03 250F. It's the exact same thing with the exception of the location of the crankcase drain. On a YZ450, the crankcase drain is located under the bottom of the left crankcase half, below the countershaft, angled down and rearward. It's accessible through an oval hole in the stock glide plate, and has a 12mm hex.

The feed screen in the frame need only be inspected about once a year, or in th event that there was some major engine problem or work done. 1 qt without changing a filter, 1.1 with a filter, and remember, it's a dry sump system. Invest in a Scotts oil filter.

is there a differance between the scotts filter and the ready racing one? what do you use to clean a stainless filter?

Scotts is made in the USA, has, as far as I can determine slightly more filtering mesh in it, the seam is doubled and welded. They have a long and well established track record, and all of their tech info is posted on their web site. The ready filter MIGHT be almost as good, but common sense tells me that I can't two things made to the same level of quality when one is nearly half the cost of the other.

To clean them, swish them in solvent (covering the open end with your finger), spray them with carb cleaner, blow them out with compressed air, or use hot soapy water, or a combination. They are very tough, and you almost have to deliberately abuse them to do any damage.

You could get a service manual off ebay and it pretty much tells you all you need to know about the entire bike

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