fork tubes

i have to replace both of my front forks because the tubes are damaged, *previous owner jumped bike without torquing triple clamps tight enough* anyways what all forks will fit on my 2000 yz426f? I've heard any YZ from 1998 to 2003 will fit with no problems...except the 80 of course. please let me know so i can start looking on E Bay. thanks

What was damged? Well to ansewer your question I think that the 400 forks are like 42 or 43mm and the 426 forks are 46mm and the 450's are bigger. So all of them are different sizes. Just look for 426 forks. Oh yeah the wr250 and 450 and yzf 250f's and I think even the two stroke 125-250 forks will work but they have to be '00-'02 the springs are different but I think the rest is basically the same.

I spoke with my mechanic & decided to go with some 2000 yz250 forks that i found on ebay for a good deal. he says the only difference is the springs & the valving, but I'm going to use my existing spring & re-valve the forks anyway. as for what was damaged on my current forks...the triple trees scored the forks badly from not being tight enough & it damaged the internals, also someone previously installed the dampening rods incorrectly & ruined them...

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