Headlight conversion

Just wondering if anyone has used this socket from fourstrokesonly.com Socket. It is located about 2/3 down the page and called "hi-lo headlight conversion kit".

I currently have two headlight assemblies, one if them is a UFO which has a larger lense and uses the bayonet style base 'BA20D' which is a 35W/35W hi/low bulb. I also have an Acerbis headlight assembly which looks more like the stock XR and uses a standard H3 55W bulb.

What I am interested in doing is using one of those new PIAA H6M bulbs which use 35W/35W, but is equivalent to 60W/60W. This would be ideal for me since I am using the stock stator.

fourstrokesonly.com sells this conversion for $13 that will fit a stock XR headlight assembly, but I don't know if the stock XR's came with an H3 bulb. So I am not sure if this new socket will fit into my Acerbis headlight assembly.

Any ideas? I'll try calling fourstokesonly.com, but he can be a little hard to get a hold of.


That 60 watt equivalent for 35 watts is complete marketing BS. That blue coating adsorbs light, so it is dimmer than without it. The resulting light has a higher color temperature sure, but there is less of it. There are only 2 things that you can do to an incandescent bulb to make more light. Run it hotter or use more watts. Standard halogens run about as hot as they can already. That's why they are brighter than non halogen bulbs. The halogen chemistry allows them to run a few hundred kelvin hotter and still have good life.

I got my Xr second hand and it already had the dual sport kit on it. It uses a H4 bulb. I'm pretty sure that the stock XR blub is a style like that PIAA bulb. It's what called a prefocused bulb. It in not a halogen bulb. It is also not one of the normal "standard" sizes such as H1, H3, or H4.

Good advice. Thanks. Maybe I'll just rewind my stator and get a 60W/60W bulb with the BA20D base I found in the parts unlimited catalog for $3.00. Sounds pretty good and should give off twice as much light compared to my 35W/35W. It is not a halogen, just more wattage.

Is the H4 style bulb the most common for a hi/low setup? It seems like their are a lot of bulbs available. Like the 55W/100W which seems to be a good choice for street and offroad use. And bulbs are cheap enough to throw a higher power one in if I am going to the desert and want more light.

I think it will run a 50 to 55 watt bulb without rewinding, but I'm not certain. Perhaps someone else can say what wattage bulb can be run off the stock stator.

If you can find one a halogen bulb in that non-H4 base get it. Even if it's only 35W it will put out as much (more?) as a 50 watt standard incandesent. The 60w standard should be brighter than the 35W halogen, and less expensive.

H4 is pretty commom on road bikes.

I haven't seen a 35W halogen in the BA20D base that my headlight uses. But if I could find one, that would be great, because then I wouldn't have to rewind my stator.

I'll keep looking. Thanks for the adivce.

I did some research, and all I could find was the $3.00 60W/60W in the BA20D base that will fit my UFO headlight assembly. This will be great for the street. And since I also have the Acerbis H3 headlight assembly, I can spend $10.00 and buy a 100W bulb and swap out the headlight assembly when I go night riding in the desert if I think I need more light. That's a total of $13.00 plus rewinding my stator.

Or if I sell both of my headlight assemblies, then I could buy one new assembly that takes an H4 bulb and get the 55W/100W bulb and I wouldn't have to swap. Maybe I'll go that route.

Thanks again for the info.

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