426 hubs fit my WR450?

Are the 02 YZ426 hubs the same as the 03 WR450F? Will the axle fit, and will I need special spacers?

There's a guy with a set of supermoto rims built with stock 426 hubs. Will his oversized rotor work on my bike as well (with the proper caliper of course)?

so,ummm, whos got the rims??

Someones gotta know if this works. I noticed that the part numbers for the rear hub were the same, but the front were different.


I was told that the wheels from 99-06 are all interchangeable so it shouldn't be a problem.

perfect. thanks alot

All of the 1999-Current YZ and WR wheels will interchange, with one caveat. You will need the correct spacers for the 2001 and up front wheel as the hub is 20mm wider. One note of caution. I know that you are talking about using an aftermarker rotor and caliper but for anyone else who is consideing the swap, the 2001 and newer rotor is 5 mm larger and will not work with the earlier caliper

Aside from that, everything is a direct swap

Ive seen quite a few people say 99-06 are interchangeable for YZ an WR's but will these fit a 98 YZ400? I assume not otherwise they would say 98-06...I'm having zero luck finding a rear wheel that will fit my dads ol 98 YZ400...does any one know what is different between the 98 and 99 models that makes the wheels incompatible? :thumbsup:

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