After market cam for the 426? (no more compression lever?)

has any of you 426 owner used that after market cam that eliminates the compression lever? if so, how does it work. is it worth it?

I would like to know the samething.

Lots have done this. You can use a hotcams or a stock '03 yz450 exhaust cam, I used the 450 cam. Very worthwhile in my opinion. No more starting drill, kicks over easier, bump starts easily now, and it also seems to run smoother now...bonus for me. huge thread about it.

good deal, thanks for your input

Also, if removing the decompression mechanism from the head, not just the cable and hand lever, get the TT billet plug, stock plastic ones have been known to pop out, and another version of the billet plug with an o ring seal leaked on me immediately.

If you use the OEM cam for the 450, be sure to use the instructions posted. The stock 450 timing marks don't work in the 426 head. The cam, however, works outrageously well.

Just did it on mine and its awesome! Totally different bike in a good way! It was easy to do as well! I used the stock 450 cam on mine. I am very happy. That thread above is very long. If you need the short version and the directions let me know. Just PM me and I can get them to you. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Oh, and by the way, I didn't use the aftermarket plug. I just ground off the half moon rod on the decomp plug and re-installed it. Probably doesn't look as good as a TT plug but works really well. I then removed the cable from the plug and threw away the cable and lever!

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