Yuma to Gila Bend

I know, I know - not the right place but more people are on this page !!

I am delivering a new 2006 YZ450f to my son this next weekend. He goes to school in Flagstaff (NAU). I am meeting him halfway which is somewhere between Yuma and Gila Bend AZ.

I would like to get a ride in while I doing this where we can go for a short 2-3 hr ride. So I am taking along my WR450. (see WR450 - fits here right?) :thumbsup:

Anyone know of a good riding area off of I-8 between Yuma and Gila Bend?



There is a lot of BLM land if you go North of I-8. South is the bombing range. Specifically, drive north on Agua Caliente Rd. I would get a BLM map to see the land ownership, designated wilderness and look for looping trails. I think the map entitled Gila Bend or the one directly west of there. Phx Blm sells them. 623-580-5500. You'll have the place all to yourselves. :thumbsup:

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