04 wr450 yz front # plate?

Hey has anyone put a yz front # plate on their 03 to present wr 450's? I still want my Battery switch so I'm looking for any creative mounting ideas. I realize the odometer has to be removed and I've already made a waterproof cap for the drive hub on the axle. Any thoughts or pics would be helpful.

Im in the same situation, ive gotten really creative and it never seems to work out Ive moved it 4 times so far and bent the crap out of the mounting bracket. But it seems the farther I get putting things back together the less room there is. :thumbsup:

I bought a number plate for the same year YZ as my WR. Works great, removed headlight and mounting bracket and slide bottom pins into holes. I had to shave a little off bottom edge of number plate to get a clean fit. I removed my odometer a long time ago when the gearing went out in the hub and replaced it with a trailtech. I didnt relocate my ignition switch yet but need to, it gets in the way of the number plate sitting flush at the top on one side. I have since reconverted back to a dual sport bike.

Mines just neatly tucked away in all the wiring behind the number plate. Havent found a good place for it either, and you probably wont without having to add some wiring to it to extend the length. Otherwise I believe youre SOL

I just tuck the switch between plate and the triple clamp went racing this past weekend it never pop out good enough for me

I just tuck the switch between plate and the triple clamp went racing this past weekend it never pop out good enough for me
I tried that once. Then when it did pop out, one of the wires came loose and shut my bike off. Wouldnt restart. I had to walk my damn bike back to my truck to fix it. I just left it where is was, it didnt hurt anything. I used a zip ty to attach the top of the plate to my bike, so it didnt rattle around. I also used a zip ty on the bottom, to the front fender. Worked like a charm and never fell off.


Thanks for the help, I'll let you guys know how it turns out and if I have any creative solutions of my own for the battery switch. For the first race I'm probly just going to end up using zip-ty's to hold it all in place untill I finish making the new brackets.

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