650L mileage between valve checks?

Hi guys, whats a realistic interval between valve checks on a 02 L model? or what does Honda recomend. Bike will be used for anything from freeway to dirt, nothing abnormally hard though.

Thanks a bunch.

I usually go 4000 between checks. As of the last at 16,000, they have all been checks, no adjustment needed. :thumbsup:

In the 5000 mi. I have on the OD I checked twice and have only had to make one adjustment to one valve. I think I will only check every 4000mi from now on.

Thank You

I've gone around 5000 before checks.

Probably tonight I'll be checking mine- I've got a little over 6k on the pig.


The one time 1st time that I checked I had one exaust valve that was alittle tight,second time I checked every thing was perfect.

I check mine every 2K to 3K miles because I like to keep her in check and it only takes a couple minutes. I have checked her twice and she didnt need any adjustment.

After 6000mi all 4 were 2-3 thou loose. 1st check since new.


After 6000mi all 4 were 2-3 thou loose. 1st check since new.


:bonk::cry: Your supposed to check after 50 miles, then 250, then 1000. bad boy :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk::bonk::bonk:

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