Anyone have a used FMF Q or similar for sale?

Just wondering if anyone had an FMF Q or Q2, WB E2, or similar "quiet" exhaust that they took off and have sitting in their garage and wanted to sell. I bought another BRP a while back with a Big Gun race series that is louder than hell, and I've been to cheap to switch it; but, having the neighbors call the police this evening again just made my mind up for me. Thanks.

PS - Anyone looking for a used, full Big Gun exhaust system? Make me an offer... :thumbsup:

The system is in very good condition; the BRP it is on was a Supermoto for most of it's life for joyriding. Performance-wise, I really couldn't tell you; the bike came with it installed along with an edelbrock, cut-out side panel, and full 680 kit with cam, so there isn't much to gage it against. I'd assume though that it's like most pipes with larger diameter headers and sacrafices some bottom for more on top. Sound-wise, I've never had it tested, but it's loud; just a hair more quiet than my open Barnums Pro exhaust which is as loud as I've heard (which is also going up for sale, BTW).

Also, does anyone have a set of OEM headers in excellent condition they'd like to sell? Thanks! :thumbsup:

I have a twice-ridden 2006 FMF Power Bomb header and Q2 tailpipe off the bike, cleaned and in the original box. I also have an OE header and tailpipe off the bike (since 2001). I would sell one or both but the stuff is perfect and I am not looking to give it away.

Email if you're interested:

Sent an email. :thumbsup:

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