Trailtech customer service


I usually don't whine about things, but this time I share my pain.

My Trailtech Lynx shows some odd graphic figures and I sended a mail to their customer support. They answered and Jeff promised to send me a new one ASAP because I had a big race coming and you need a speedo in race pre-check. Well I waited for two weeks and went and bought a bicycle speedo because it never showed up.

Then I ordered their Xenon helmet lamp + some extras (in this race you drove at least 6 special stages in the dark) they send me a mail that do I wanted those item shipped express or expetided. I send them maill back saying express which should take 2 to 3 days. Well those item never showed up and I have to make alternative choices. Today I send them a mail that I don't need them anymore because race was last weekend :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Sorry abot whining :confused:

Timo Mc

Quick question! Does a GPS mounted to your handle bars qualify as a speed-O? :thumbsup:

It is a pain in the ass being in another country hey Timo!

You can kiss customer service goodbye is something goes wrong!

I'm very sorry to hear that, I as well as my friends have had great success with Trail Tech.

Good luck and sorry to hear about the race!



I was in that race but not with Trailtech gear as I was planned.

Timo Mc

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