So I rode a lap with the Hot Start on!!

I've got an 01 and I accidentally rode a lap with the hot start on. Its an easy mistake, I thought I gave it a slap and turned it off. Oops..

After I came back in, I was getting some backfiring and such. It was a hard start and popping real bad; I figured I would let it run and get the gas moved through it. It ran fine after.

Ever since then, I'm fouling plugs like crazy. I had one trip to the track and fouled another plug. I'm pulling it and its really black. So I put a new plug in and of course its running fine, ONE KICK START I might add. I'm just waiting for it to foul again.

My question is, could that lap w/ the hot start button on be responsible for any problems now occuring? Is it a sign my valves need some adjusting?

I think its running a little rich, but I havent messed with my carb in 3 yrs..

I would check the valves. Mine had a similiar issue with eating plugs, the only thing I found was a tight center intake valve. I reshimmed it and the fouling went away.

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