426 right for me???

I love my 426 I would either get the 01 or 02 just my 2 cents any who the crf450 is really for racing only but the yz is a little more versatile thanks to its oil reservoir

the 426 has plenty of power and torque so don't worry about that

as for the valves I thought the Ti valves where better because they where easer on the valve seats since the yz has 5 valves I wouldn't think you could have new seats cut out too many times but I am kinda new to the valve maintenance stuff so don't read into what I say too much

I have an 03 crf450r and an 00 yz426f. I just sold the 03 crf because I like the 00 yz so much better. My dad has an 05 crf450x and I still like the 426 better. I am planning on getting an 06', so I'll sell you the 426 for $2000. It is a very clean, well kept bike. The title is clear and the tranny was just rebuilt.

It's a great desert bike too. Powering through river bottom sand or climbing hills, it's an all around dependable bike. The only thing I'd like to do to mine is add a flywheel weight to help me out with stalling on the steep trails.

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