wr stator for my YZ

Hey guys,

I know this has been discussed before, but I have been trying to search for over two hours now and TT is saying there is too much traffic to do a search.

My question...I am obviously looking to street legalize my YZ. I am thinking of putting the WR stator in my YZ, but I want to know exactly everything you need. From what I have gathered, you need the base assy and the rotor and it should just fit in from there. However, I have also heard from some that I may need to replace my CDI w/ the WR CDI as well. Is that true? Do I need to replace anything else to make this work? Also, I have a 2000 426, is the WR 400 and 426 generators the same part?

Thanks in advance! and I reiterate, TT is not letting me search, I really have tried!

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