FLU Graphics, great deal

Has anyone tried the FLU Graphics?

I just bought them and they came in yesterday. I am in the process of putting it all together and should have some before and after photos, but until then i just wanted to see if anyone has used them and if they hold up well.

But you get such a great deal it is almost a no brainer to buy them.

This is what you get for ONLY $75!!!!!!

This is for my 2002 YZF426

1. Gripper seat cover

2. Fork Lower and Upper

3. Number Plate (both black and white options)

4. Shrouds

5. Tank (Up to the cap)

6. Side Panels (both black and white options)

7. Airbox (both black and white options)

8. Swingarm

9. Front Fender

10. Rear Fender

Plus some miscellaneous ones from Motosport, Racer X, FLU, etc

Hopefully i can get these on in the next few days cause i am taking my sweet ole time to do them right. Plus it is raining for like a week anyways..

But let me know if anyone has tried them.


sounds pretty cheap ... :thumbsup:

their web shop said that they were out of stock, so i didn't dare to order a kit for my 426 ...

please post some pictures, the one on the web page is not a yz426f ... :thumbsup:

I ordered them last week and then they instantly emailed me back with they were out of stock, but he said it would be 2-3 weeks. But i guess i got lucky cause they came in yesterday. Only like 4 days later.

I don't think they are as thick as the One Industries decals i am taking off, but they give you so much stuff for $75 that it is worth it.

I should have some photos ready. Or maybe i should just post them when its all done?

Whats The Website? God Knows It Hard To Find A Graphic Kit For A 436.............bto Sports Has A 426 Kit Coming Out This Month. Big Bucks Though ($189.00)

the thickness should not be a problem as long as they used the right material, all you really need is is 8-10mills thick not this 18-24 mills thick stuff that One, Nstyle or all the rest are doing, of your so worryed about saving weight then getting a graphics kit is not the way to go!

i have them and there great. The price is amazing and they look better than 140 dollar kits IMO.

Get those pics up. I can't find crap that I want to put on my 426 graphic wise. I have looked the internet over for the troy graphics and can't find anything less than 189.00.

What would be sweet is those MDK graphics in white on white plastic and the white covers for the blue tank. That would be a sweet kit.

PICS!!!!! :thumbsup:

A friend of mine knows the guy that owns FLU. He used to work for one of the other graphics companies and said that the teams bitched about how hard it was to put the real thick graphics on. So he started his own company and made them easier to put on and very affordable. They come with a ton of stickers. A very good product.

Someone earlier said they wanted the website.

It is the LINK in the first message.

But here is is anyways...


Then click Yamaha, YZ426. $75. Order em up.

I just started putting my graphics on last night. This is the very first time i have ever put MX graphics on so i was kind of sketched at first, but i think it was actually really basic. I just took my time and used the various methods from other users on this forum.

I will post some of my early photos in a little while, but when my whole process is done, i am going to start a new topic.

My method for putting on graphics...

1. Pull off old graphics with hair dryer.

2. Use Goof-Off to get rid of the sticky stuff left over. Goof Off RULES.

3. Take plastic off, clean with soapy water, then contact cleaner. Put back on.

4. Windex on the plastic, decent amount.

5. Stick em on.

6. Use hair dryer to evaporate the windex quicker and fit the graphics on.

Pretty basic really.

Oh yeah, for the tank, i removed it, drained it, let the cap off.

Just in case i guess cause i have heard that graphics on the tank come off easily or white ones fade. Mine are blue.

I think the Windex thing is just soooo good. No problem putting the stuff on and it moves around a bit and by the time it dries, you have it planted on there. Just went slow and used the hair dryer tons to get it all hot and sticky on the plastic.

I will send some early photos in a few minutes....

One No-No that i did was my bike is crazy dirty. It has been raining for a week now in Central Coast of CA and i just didn't want to look like a dummy outside pressure washing my bike in the rain.

But i just had to clean the plastic up a bit first. So don't laugh at my early photos cause my bike is dirty and in pieces. When it is all done, it is going to look sick.


Ok, here are some of the preliminary photos...

Just took off the One Industries stickers. Pretty dirty bike right now.


A look at the left side. Still dirty.


Front view. Got my new ASV Levers on there though. That is the only clean part.


Another view


This is when i started putting the new stuff on. Just the front fender and swingarm.


Right side with tank and shroud added


Left side with tank and shroud added.


More photos to come.

This is all i got done last night.

XGX makes some of the coolest. TT Graphics are made by them, they are sweet looking!!


Send Some More Pics When Your Done. Thanks

I should have the rest of the graphics (second half) done tonight and then if it stops raining, i can pressure wash it and make it look all shiny again by Thursday. So i should be posting more soon.

If You Go To Btosports.com And Click On Graphics, They Have A New "yamaha Of Troy" Graphics Kit Coming Out. Website Says Its Release Is This Month.

Flu Graphics Definately Has A Killer Deal, But The Graphics Are A Little Plain. On The Other Hand, It's The Only The Only Other Graphic Kit I've Heard Of For The 426.

Anyway, The Kit At Btosports Looks Pretty Cool But Will Cost You 140 Bucks. From What Brian Says, It Doesn't Appear It Comes With As Many Decals As The Flu Kit, But It Does Look Cool.

I liked the FLU stuff cause it was sort of "plain" and more like stock.

Here is the complete kit photo...


Here is my latest update.

The next time i add photos, it will be early next week because my number plate is blue and i ordered a white one. I have been waiting for that to get the FLU graphics number plate background on there. So that is the only thing left graphics wise.

Plus tonight i am putting on Black Renthal Fatbar RC High bars and a new barpad. Then it is complete.

So here are the latest photos...

Front Side angle. Still has the One Industries number plate background and blue number plate. Switching to white plate.


Right Side. Still don't have the right side airbox decal on.


Back half, left side


Front half, left side


Front half, right side


Ride side motor closeup


Right side back angle


Left side back angle


I am going to post a new thread early next week with the new complete photos which will be taken outside and will look better. Not in my garage at midnight with no lighting and a crappy digi cam flash.


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