What plug wrench do you use for an 05 WR?

I have an 05 WR450 and none of my current plug wrenches work. I have various wrenches that work for an XR 500, XR 600, XR 400, XR 650 and XT 600.

I can't seem to make any wrench work on the WRF. I even had problems with a socket and extension. :thumbsup:

Has anyone found a wrench that works well and would be a good trail wrench also well? Does Yamaha sell a wrench for this bike?

Thanks for your help.

Mine came with a wrench, ask your nearest dealer.

There is a special plug wrench that comes with the bike. Also Motion Pro makes a 3/8" drive one that works that is basically a standard plug wrench with a wobble extension.

Hazet tools makes the coolest thin magnetic sockets. Coupled with a short wobble extension, you have a good setup. The Motion Pro is a lot less expensive and easier to procure.

yep. That's the one.

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