April Moab trip.

Indy, I will be in Moab the 19 - 23 staying at Moab Rim campground. This will be my first trip to Moab. I will be plated this week. It is a family trip. I hope to hook up with you and some other TT'rs while their. Do you have an itinerary? Or way to get in contact with each other. I will PM my cell if needed. Also I hope to find some easy riding for my son. He is 14 and has a full size bike but is still pretty green.

Thanks, Rich.

We will be out at the Canyonlands campground PM with you cell phone and I will send you mine. I just got back from 6 days of riding in Moab on Sunday! Awesome trip as usual! :thumbsup:

A couple of us CA. TTers will be out there at the same time. Maybe we will run into each other. We are staying in condos in Moab.

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