Wanted 02 426 Yamaha of Troy Graphics Kit & Seat Cover

I have looked everywhere for a YOT graphics for my 426 and can't find them. I know I can get them for 179.99 from yot but no way am I gonna pay that much. Anybody have a set or know where I can get a set.

If anyone has any links to good deals on good looking kits for my 426 post em. Trying to get my beast up to date a little.


Btosports.com Has A Yot Graphics Kit Coming Out This Month. The New Kit Looks Pretty Sharp. I'm With You, I Need To Give My Bike A Face Lift And Haven't Been Able To Find Anything For My 426. The New Kit Is $141.00. I'm Going To Be Forced To Spend The Money Because I Can't Find Anything Else That Looks Half Way Cool.....good Luck Bro.

I sent an email to the guy at flu and said I wanted one of the MDK kit like they make for the 06 450 for my 426. I'll let you know what he says.

Group Buy anyone? :thumbsup:

I do have the yot kit for the 98-02 yzf. I am looking to sell them because i decided to get some cheap graphics to crash with instead.

Anybody interested, PM me your tempting offers? :thumbsup:

PM sent. Is this the complete kit with graphics seat cover and front and rear fenders, airbox, and swingarm?

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