Moab bites back

4 years, 8 trips, no bike or body damage...until this past weekend. I'd say I've been very lucky on my trips to Moab. I've seen others hurt themselves and bust up their bikes and I have always gotten away relatively unscathed. That is until this past Sunday.

We had ridden Kane Creek and Pritchet Canyon both ways on Saturday. Made it up and over everything. Oh there were a couple drops but nothing major. Even made it up Yellow hill and that climb out of Pritchet in one attempt (first time ever). We blew off an evening ride after we had too many beers at the pool.

Took off Sunday on Poison Spider, Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim. Again made it up and over everything, even "The Crack". But it was soon after that when my riding came to a halt. Of course it was a simple ride up a small ledge that bit. Isn't that always the case. Make the hard stuff and fail on the easy stuff.

Anyway, I was riding up it a little too close to the side I guess. I jamned my left foot against the rocky ledge and the foot peg. Instant pain. I pulled over, foot throbing away and took my boot off. It felt like I ripped my toe nail off the big toe and broke everything else. I was afraid to take my sock off, I didn't want to look. So I shoved my foot back in, popped all of my Ibuoprofen in my mouth and hopped on the bike.

Luckily I could stand on my heel and shift with my heel. I couldn't lift up on the shifter with the front of my foot. I had to ride out a couple of miles but there was only one tough climb left. Then the dirt road to HWY 191.

We got back to the hotel and I removed everthing and was happy to discover the toe nail was still in place, although very black. The rest of the foot was black, blue, green, yellow and red all the way back to the ankle. And it was about twice the size it should have been. So it was off to the hospital. Good news, bad news. No structural damage. No breaks or fractures. But I did "massive trauma" to tissue and ligaments. No surgery luckily. Just one very goofy looking boot to wear for a few weeks.

So all in all, I'd say I was still pretty lucky. I've seen others get hurt worse. But for me, this is the first time I've been bitten by Moab. So I will take the pain. Oh, according to the wall chart at the hospital, I was the 162cd person to get X-ray'd and the 11th to get hurt on Golden Spike since May, 01 grin.gif

Ouch dude.

Sorry to hear about the injury but glad to hear it wasn't worse. Any idea how long the down time will be. Heal Fast.


Ouch man, worst thing I've done lately is bruise all my ribs (read the post Why I Ride... to find out how) but they only bother me when im sleeping.

Hope you recover again and get back to the important job of injuring youreself further! wink.gif


- Just so everyone knows, I am bajagod, but for whatever reason this BB seems to decide that the Bajagod nick does not exist for short periods of time. So i'll be using this for awhile

Get well, Dougie!! smile.gif

Bummer amigo! Glad to hear it's not anything serious. You'll be back to tearing it up in no time...

Two killer rides you chose there. What's the temp out there right now during the day? I'd imagine it's getting pretty cold though in the evenings this time of year...

Hey Doug, Bummer with the pain and all but the good news is that you made it over "The crack"! Also look on the bright side, the season is pretty much over It could have been May when it happened!

Look at the bright side, you made it over


I disagree with that "end of the season" deal...Fruita, CO is only 4 hours from Denver...Moab 5 1/2 hrs, where one can pretty much ride year round. Been out there quite a bit the past few years and have never had any problem...and the trails are empty ta boot! It's always nice when there's a much lower chance of having someone witness my sorry ass falling into "the crack"... smile.gif

We have it pretty good out here...having the opportunity on a weekend to ride, ski, and throw some flies around in a stream!

sorry to hear about your injury if it makes you feel better I had my 426 high side me first, landing on me second with the frame rail to the inside of my knee. the human body never ceases to amaze me with the different shades of colors our bruises can produce...

Colorado is the most beautiful, recreational friendly state in the U.S. And you are truly fortunate to be able to live there. Do you have any openings for MASK Designers? In the IC Field?

Healing with a trophy tends to ease the pain. huge

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