What desert tanks do you recommend for the 06 wr450?

I'm looking to buy a desert tank for a wr450. What tanks fit and look good?

I have an 04' wr450 and just put on an IMS 3.4 gallon tank. its has a nice low profile and you can use the stock seat (04 model). I've done an 80 mile day in moab with fuel to spare, even after offering up gass to friends who ran out. They offer a crossover line so you dont have to turn the bike upsidedown to get the reamaining fuel over from the right lobe of the tank. I didn't go that route because the petcock is a bit close to the header but after tipping the bike over myself (on purpose) I would get the crossover.

I have the IMS tank on my 06 and im happy with it .

I have the IMS tank on my 06 and im happy with it .

I bought the IMS(natural color) for my 06'. Any thing you don't like about it? Seems, from the pictures anyway, that it hangs really close to the header. Hot gas=bad. I'm gonna tape up the underside of the tank with the aluminum heat tape I have. That should help.

Acerbis 3.4 gallon. Good fit, no header issues. The only issue is the gas line and "Y" fitting, it's kind of cheap. Get some 1/4" Motion Pro Tygon and a 5/16" brass automotive "T" and you'll be perfect...SC

quick ques - where did you buy your Acerbis tank ?

I have the natural tank to I have been running mine with no problems.I am not to worried about the heat from the pipe heating the gas the fuel line the goes to the carb is on the other side.By the time the gas get's over there it has already mixed with the gas on that side of the tank.

I had the IMS/ZipTY tank on my 04 rode 2x with it, didnt like it. The tank rubbed on the head on both sides. The header was way to close to the right side petcock. After one long first gear session the right side tank actually swelled, causing where the radiator shroud mounted to the tank to push the shroud out enough where I could slip a finger behind the shroud (should be flush). I also felt the tank wall thickness was thin compared to my IMS tank on my 00wr400. I felt the tank had the potential to rub thru where it it the head. Sold it for IMO safety reasons. Bought the Acerbis no issues. Dont get me wrong I like IMS products and fit and finish for the newer bike may be better. I just fear burning gasoline explosions between my legs.

quick ques - where did you buy your Acerbis tank ?

TT Store last year...SC

I just put the IMS 3.4 gallon tank on my 05' wr450 and am very happy with it. Although we did a 99 mile ride on Saturday and found out that it holds 96 miles worth of gas. At least I know that the crossover hose works, the tank was bone dry.

Does anyone know if the GYT-R tank for the YZ will fit a WR? I think it's an Acerbis but not sure.

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