oil leak

have a 00426yz and had the valves adjusted at the dealer week ago now i've notice i'm having a oil leak comin down in front of engine under the exhaust header.. not a major leak but its wet can see like a drip coming off the flange on the header soo... not sure if it had anything to do with the valve adjustment or not but can't tell if its coming from the valve cover or possibly the decompression cable... or maybe even outta the header itself ... so i'm kinda stump hope maybe its a simple fix and not a head gasket or anything don't see water in the oil or anything so i don't think thats it :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

Most of us keep the oil so clean that it makes it difficult to find the source of leaks sometimes. One thing you can do to make it more obvious as to where the stuff is coming from is to dust the area with baby powder. Put some on the palm of your hand and blow it onto the suspect area with a straw (don't put it in the straw, just blow through it). When the oil leaks across the dusted spot, it will leave a clear trail. :thumbsup:

The oil is leaking out of the decompression above the header pipe, maybe missing the o-ring or copper washer

well i guess i try what u say there grayracer see whats up...nitro might be right cause i've ran my finger around there seen little bit of oil but mostly its below the header and dripping off the flange.. so i dunno its bugging the hell outta me and i'm not all that mechanic'lly incline so not sure how easy it is to replace that decompression gasket ...

well looking around where the leak is and i decided that maybe that release lever bolt may not have that copper washer so then i started to loosen notice that the bolt wasn't even on there tight so i tried tightning and just kept turning turning damn thing was striped so i took the bolt out sawthe shavings and crap i was great soo now like to know about possibly helicoil would work??? or what??

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