2001 650L Power

I just got my hands on a 01 650L. I've been looking for a while, but used big DP are hard to come by here. I hadn't ridden anything like it before (had ATV's, crotch rockets and cruisers) and I don't know how much power I should expect. It seems to have lots of snot, but I want to be sure.

My compression gauge (and other gear) is 8500 Kms away. I'm 215 lbs. Highway speed is fine and it runs smoothly. Usual noise under "engine braking"?

Without buying new tools, how about this as a simple measure. Should it lift the front tire easily, or just barely, in 2nd gear throttle only? Or is there a better "standard" measure?

Congrats on the new bike. If your bike is bone stock with 15-45 gearing and its picking the front wheel up in second gear with just the throttle, you are doing good. My bike has been jetted and uncorked with a 15-45 gearing and it will do well to lift the front wheel in second gear with just the throttle. I have a 14 tooth front sprocket that I put on when I what to do some off road. With the 14 tooth sprocket it will carry the front wheel in second gear easily, but you will lose some top end speed. Well I hope this helped and good luck. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I haven't counted teeth, but the guy I got it from used it as summer transport more than a trail bike, so my guess is, it's stock tooth count (tho he did put on new titanium sprocket and chain last summer). I can only get a power wheelie in 2nd, by throwing my giant ass backward and pinning the throttle, so I take that to be a good sign. Thanks for the info. Appreciate any other thoughts. (Gotta get a spec's manual too.)

The back tire is a mostly street job, and is due anyway, so that's my next research focus. The D606 was reccomended, and looks capable.

I am runnin the Dunlop 606's, just installed them and they are okay in the dirt (waty better than stock) and sing a bit on the road. Uncorked I can get blip the gas in 2nd front end lofts all day long.

2005 XR650L, Dunlop 606's, White Brothers E2 slip on, DJ 165 main, 55 pilot, DJ Spring and needle with e-clip in #3 position, 2/14 turns out on air / fuel screw. Uni Air Filter, Snorkle removed, IMS smog block off kit. Baja Designs skid plate, Acerbis front disk brake guard and fork gurads, XR's only temp gage (runs at about 200 degrees - with the elephant ears removed and 55-60 degress outside air temp)

Even with a bunch of mods, I can just get the front up in second but she's got enough to roll over geared at 15/45.

The reason you can only get it up in second on these bikes is that they are geared so much higher than any strictly dirt bike. 2nd gear on an L tops out higher than a drz400 does in 3rd.

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