getting forks redone?

Well, at the end of the season last year I noticed some fork oil bleeding down my forks. So today I got motivated and looked up the fork maintinance section and read through it. I was wondering just what parts are necessary to redo the whole fork. I know you have to have new seals and oil but do you or should you replace anything else? Appreciate all your comments. By the way it's a 2003 Yz450f.

You dont have to do anything to the inside of the fork. You don't even need new seals. Just take off the little guard and remove the dust thing and wrap one round of electrical tape (make sure and clean it REALLY good and make sure it is dry before you put on the tape) around about an inch below where the top tube comes down over it and push up and down over it about 5 times and remove the tape clean any dirt in the dust seal and fork seal and put it together and it shouldn't leak anymore.

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