daves carb mods for 95 xr 600

Hi all just got a 95 xr 600 and lovin it. Will Daves carb mods work on this, I havent seen a post about the 600s needing them or using them. Thx for the help Jared

You don't need them. They have a totally different carb.

Yeah pulled the carb and compared to the pics and way different thx for the reply.

Check the choke plate. It's a known problem. The flapper and the plate fatigue and break off. Bad thing happen when they get sucked thru the engine. On my 93 XR600, both had bad problems. The flapper was hanging by a thread, and the plate had a big crack in it. I just removed the choke completely. By tipping the bike over to flood it, I've started it at 35F. At warmer temps it starts easily. However, I have re-jetted, including a 68 (I think) pilot. If it had the stock pilot it woud be a bear to start without the choke.


Are you in the LA area?

I escaped from LA the city, but not the area. I'm in Santa Clarita, less than 5 miles from the Drinkwater Flats staging area.


Thx for the info cleonard, I have a 65 pilot and 155 main. Need to pull the plug and check it before I get jets. Will look over the flapper real close while it is apart

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