headlights and NJ DMV inspection

hi guys.. in my efforts to trick out the DRZ, does anyone know if the trick DS headlight w/ the integrated blinkers will pass NJ inspection ? or any of those headlights w/ the integrated blinkers ?

also, that really cool looking tail light that was show today..DRC or something .. is that DOT ? what about those little mini blinkers that everyone mounts up near the rear fender will they pass NJ inspection ? thanks.

we as a forum need to write suzuki a freakin letter and have them make the most common mods we all do STOCK on newer models.. seriously

It may not pass at DMV but almost any dealer that does inspections will most likely pass it.

If you close to Central NJ, PM me. Or do what everyone I know in NJ does, skip the inspection all together. I have never seen anyone stopped for that...

Hey Bob!

I think it's a roll of the dice. In 2004 we brought Glenn's new-from-PA-dealer stock DRZ400s to local NJ inspect. sta., and woman sez: "I don't know about dat muffler, it looks awflee high." We were like, "Look it just came off the dealer's showroom floor. See, it sez "Suzuki" on it.

Anyway, two weeks ago, same inspect. sta., same bike w/ clarke tank, acerbis led taillight, tiny rear blinkers, etc., but different inspector. All he asks is: "High beams, low beams, left blink, right blink, front brake light, rear brake light, horn . . . pass." Go figure. . .

BTW, they really like lots of bright reflectives on your helmet. . .

If they give you a hard time, see a dealer. They usually charge under $20.

The women that work at the NJ inspection stations seem to be the biggest PITA (Sorry Janet) I took my Quigley 4X4 Econoline to inspection and the woman didn't want to inspect it. She said it was too high. The supervisor came out and measured the door height and told her to stop being ridicules and run the inspection. If you think everthing is good and an employeee gives you a hard time you can always ask to see their supervisor to go above their head. Me... I'll pay the $20.00 at a private garage rather than deal with an idiot.

New Jersey DMV stinks! The inspector at the Flemington DMV Inspection Station had me go buy three pieces of 2" square reflective tape for my helmet before he would inspect my 72 Honda Scrambler. He said he would flunk me without it even though my helmet had factory reflective stripping all over it. While waiting to get the DRZS inspected at the Washington DMV Inspection Station, I noticed the helmet of a guy that had just went through inspection didn't have the 2" square pieces of reflective tape. When it was my bike's turn for inspection I asked the DMV guy about the tape and he said as long as there was reflective tape on it, like most helmets have right from the factory, it would pass.

I guess we've all had some idiot in a position of authority make things more difficult for us just because they can.

Hey its nice to hear from some jersey boys!Jeb 1962 I think I've seen you out on rt 31,can't miss that windscreen!I live on old clinton rd and ride a 05 drz400s.I will be sure to wave the next time I see you!So you guys got me thinking about the inspection thing.I have the BD taillight mod and mini winkers on my scooter and I think when its time for inspection I'll take my bike back to the stealership and let them take care of it.Good advice here!The Flemington dmv is a PITA! Anybody in central jersey doing any dualsporting soon?Know of any cool destinations?Lets ride!contact me at yjimmyz@earthlink.net

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