xr650r airbox

while i was going through the new bike giving it the once over i noticed that the sealing on this airbox is definately not up to par. or at least what i consider par. i may be missing something but is the filter just held on by the number plate. seems like dirt would be able to get by in alot of places and stuff like that. definately not as good as the regular ones you see on mx bikes with the filter cage that screws on and seals very well. or maybe i am just being way to paranoid.

Seal the edges with grease and you'll be fine. Use the grease that comes in a squeeze tube to run a fine bead around the edge.

Seal the edges with grease and you'll be fine. Use the grease that comes in a squeeze tube to run a fine bead around the edge.

Yep, I use No Toil sealing grease - I'm paranoid too. So far, so good.

Pretty hoaky isn't it? I've had the BRP for a year now and it doesn't seem to be a big deal. My filter was heavily oiled around the edges and it squeezes in there pretty tight. Rode dusty stuff a couple of times and airbox looks the same. Has a little "old" dirt that is stuck to the plastic in places, but I haven't taken the time to scour it out. Looks to be pretty non-threatening. I've cleaned the filter a few times now and I don't oil it up as much as the previous owner and it still seems to form a pretty good seal. I have recently started using the blue Honda gue sealer. Looks like toothpaste and doesn't seem to seal real well, but better than nothing I suppose. Does anyone make a rubber or neoprene seal for the 650R airbox? With the cut out's (uncorked only) in the top of the airbox it seems water and dust could get in there from above the number plate fairly easy. Of course, I keep telling myself- "it's a Honda.... change the filters, put gas in it and ride. Don't worry about a little dust!!"

yea the airbox setup is definately ghetto. i have used the pro-seal stuff before and it works pretty well i think i may invest in that stuff in a little while. i have never been a fan of putting grease around the edge of a filter. way to messy and doesn't seem to seal any better then just putting more filter oil on the edge would. must not be that big of a deal since i have been reading about the 650 for a couple months now and haven't come across one complaint about it which i thought was odd.

That airbox is a major fault on Honda's part. I can't even believe they put it into production. None the less, I've greased the lip everytime and have yet to have a problem. Makes for a messy tune-up but it's worth it. Friggin' foam finger looking airfilters....BLAH!

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