Rear brake problems 06 yz450

Has anyone else had problems with the rear brake on the 06 yz450? I was riding some trails the other day and booom. Out of nowhere the rear brake was muush. Havent had a chance to get too indepth yet but I am thinking that it is my M cylinder.

so you took time to post about it on thumpertalk but not the time to check it out? that seems kinda weird to me for some reason


I would start by checking the banjo bolts. i had that issue on a drz400 i owned once upon a bad memory or two ago and it was the banjo bolt on the rear caliper loose.

good luck,

I think you may have been dragging the rear brake with your foot and not knowing it. That would have overheated the fluid and you would have lost your brakes. The other thing it might be is that the pedal height adjustment is off and you are bottoming on that rather than engaging the brakes.

If they work now that the fluid has cooled then overheating was your problem. I doubt it was anymore than that. :thumbsup:

I've read the rear brake pads need to be cleaned or something when the bike is brand new. There's some kind of film on them from the manufacturers.

I don't know...I read it somewhere. Don't quote me on that; in fact just disregard it until I get some back (anyone? Bueller? Bueller?).

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