Just got me one!

I just bought a brand new 06 YZ450F last night, and the dealer only had the Limited Edition one in stock, so I had to order the blue one, should be here Friday. It's coming stright from the Factory, and then the dealership is going to prep it for me (Fill all fluids, check all cables, etc...).

Anyways, out of the crate and all. I was wondering what I should double check over, even after they prep the bike. I was also wondering what kind of gas to run in it, it's my first thumper, and I was just planning on running Premium pump gas, or should I just stick to Regular Unleaded?

If you guys could just give me a quick run down of how I should go about breaking it in for the first couple rides and stuff that would be great. I already know how to work on it to a extent, and also picked up a Service Manual to help me out.

Best part is I paid it in full, cash, :thumbsup:


Paid in cash? Wow you already saved hundreds. Way to go man. As far as the bike, double check as many nuts, bolts and connectors as you can, shop mechanics are human and can sometimes get into a routine and miss something. As far as gas, I have been told that the octane really isn't that important, but then I'm not an expert. I run the low in mine and it does fine. As far as the break-in procedure, that is a hot button issue among riders everywhere. But just for kicks read the article in the mototuneusa site and then make a decision based on that and what other guys say here. www.mototuneusa.com then scroll down to the break in secrets. I printed it out on a nice color printer so I could see the comparisons. I used it on my new bike, but it has to be done in the first 20 miles. I now have 750 miles already, with no problems.


Good luck with the new bike by the way which dealership did you get it from ?

Okay, thanks for the replies, and I will read about that break-in.

I got it at K&W Cycle, over in Shelby Township, we bought my other bikes from them throughout the years. It's now at Ryan & Auburn, they moved locations a year or two ago.

what did you get it otd for? Just curious I am picking mine up tonight!

I was going to buy that LE at K&W...LOL ended up in East Jordan MI and got mine 6800.00 OTD LE. Still waiting for this MI weather to break. Good Luck :thumbsup:

6,864 OTD. And I had to pay for Crate and Shipping Fees. I didn't want the SE one (Special Edition), and they were out of stock of the Blue ones, so it cost me 180 for that, so I would have got it for 6,684 OTD, which seems just about right, the SE one would have been 200 more, so if I did't pay for shipping it would have been same price basicly. Also, This bike hasnt been sitting outside in the weather either, like there others, FRESH from the factory :thumbsup:

Congrats. My buddy got one earlier this year. He is loving it.


Loving it would be an understatment from me!



All you need to run is pump gas using a research octane of 95...

What this means in the real World is using 91 octane minimum (derived from the R+M/2 method which is what most gas stations use) I usually run 93 BP since most gas stations around this area offer either 87, 89, or 93 (occasionally some offer 94)

MX Action magazine even stated that running Race gas in these STOCK 4 strokes, resulted in LOWER horsepower figures than 91 pump gas.

If you go to a higher compression piston down the road, Than you will have to go to higher octane, But for now just use 91-94.


I just bought a LE version last Sat. ALWAYS run super unleaded in the bike...never run mid-grade or 87 octane in it, you will see a sticker on the front fender that tells you this. Follow the owners manual break-in procedure, just because some mechanic can post break-in "secrets" on the web doesn't mean you should follow his lead. I have owned a 02 YZ 426F, 04 YZ 450F & always followed the manual's break-in directions & the bikes flat ripped & were stone reliable. I added a 48 pilot, raised the needle 1 notch, installed an adjustable fuel screw & a Boyesen Quick Shot A/P cover on my bike & it runs great! These 06 450's are awesome...I find myself out in the garage at night doing nothing but looking at it! Wife thinks I'm crazy :thumbsup:

Okay cool. So always just run Premium pump gas (Super). The best stuff the gas station has.

I will check it out friday or saturday when its ready for me to pick up. Yeah, I will always follow the owners manual, riding hard, like that one guy's "secert" says I would think is bad for it, I mean, you never want to run a engine hard when breaking it in, isnt that the whole process of breaking a engine in?!

So the highest qualtity (most expensive gas) the station sells, and I should be good? What about checking the axles and stuff, someone told me to make sure there lubed good from factory, have you guys noticed anything? What about the fork seals, any problems with them for you guys?


Loving it would be an understatment from me!



hey yamahaboy those pictures, are they at highland lakes mx track?

Yeah they are sweet bikes. I ended up with the SE because they were out of blue. I got it for the same price they sold the blue ones for. On the left side case there ear to large plugs with what looks to be slots for a scre driver. You sould punch the surrounding metal so they cant back out. I noticed mine were very loose tonight one more ride and I might have lost one.

Alright, I will have to look at the bike to know what your talking about. Yeah, my dealer was out of the Blue, but I just didn't like the SE colors, so I said I could wait 3 days for my blue one. The blue was same price too, if I didn't have to pay for crate and shipping, it would have been 200 cheaper than the SE.

hey yamahaboy those pictures, are they at highland lakes mx track?

No those pics were taken at Spring Valley.

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