15T countershaft sprocket on a 93 xr600

Last weekend I was out in the California desert doing a 200 mile high speed desert run. I love passing cars on the highway while on a parallel dirt trail. I have the stock 14/48 gearing and I kept looking for another gear, but I was already in fifth. I would like to gear it down some for these rides.

Will a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket fit with the stock chain guide (aka case saver) or do I need to get a larger one? If so where is one available. There is not a lot of extra clearance with the stock 14 tooth sprocket.

I've run 15/45 gearing on my xr600

You can install the 15-tooth with no worry of harming your case. You may as well install a 45-tooth rear sprocket while you are at it. The XR600R and XR650L share all internal gear ratios with exception of 1st gear.

I have run 15/45 on two XR600s and an XR628, a large improvement each time.

Thanks guys. I was mostly concerned that it wouldn't fit with the stock guide. I don't think I will be doing the rear 45, because my "normal" riding is the most hard core technical that I can find. My limitation is usually more convincing my friends to come along. I just want to gear it out a bit for that high speed desert blasting.

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