Big boy suspension setup

What are you big guys (275+) running on your suspension?

I was going to get a Race Tech 6.4kg for the rear but it seems like there is no front spring close to what they calculate I need. I guess I would just get the heaviest spring they make.

Do I have to revalve too?

Should I change the weight of oil in the front shock?

The rear spring seams fairly easy to change, how hard are the front springs to change?

I just bought a house so I'm strapped for cash. What changes would give me the most bang for the buck?

Thanks in advance!

I am another big guy weighing in at 250 -260. I have a 6.4 rear spring and .48 springs in the forks. My bike was set up for MX so I also had to revalve forks and shock. This made a serious difference! I am now able to set sag properly and the "hit" on sharp bumps is much softer. Before making these changes the bike was difficult. I would get serious arm pump and was not able to keep up with folks because I was bouncing all over the place.

You definitely need new springs. I do not know however, if revalving is required. It really depends on how the suspension was set up before you got the bike.

Hope this helps.


Call Too-Tech suspension in Torrance,Ca. He can get very heavy springs and has worked with BIG riders....310 378 3771

Matt at Active ride can get you springs. He's a great guy, and can revalve for you as well. -Jerry

I'm 6-5, 270 and I have a racetech 6.4 in the rear, but they didn't have anything stiffer than a .48 for the forks. I wound up getting .50 fork springs from MX-Tech for less than Racetech wanted.

I thought MX-Tech advertised on TT because that's how I found them, but I can't find them now :thumbsup:.

Look up Cannon springs under sponsors right here on TT. My buddy got his front springs(.52) from them and got a Race Tech 6.4 rear and had a Race Tech dealer do gold valves and full front and rear setup. Very nice stuff.

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