Blue Thunder - opinion needed

Blue Thunder, I was just reading another thread when I saw that you have the Zip-Ty racing link on your bike. I am wondering if it is worth it to buy that item? What does it actually do and can you tell a difference from the stock link? I have posted a question about this item before and nobody replied that has actually used one. Thanks, Eric


98 WR400 "Strokerized"

97 EXC400

93 RMX250

The Zip-Ty Link seems to do what that outfit claims. It is longer than the stock unit where the rear shock attaches so it extends the usable range of the shock and allows a more linear shock and spring rate. This unit is designed for trail use( or in Mr. Davis'

case....HIGH speed trail use) and I have noticed that I can soften my compression damping alot more without worrying about bottoming, but I am still trying to fine tune my suspension. I'm honestly not sure if I'm the best guy to review this product as I'm definitely NOT fast enough or a skilled enough rider to take advantage of the WR's stock suspenders, let alone, Ty Davis' high tech trick parts. I just happened to get a wild hair and decided to cough up and see if it worked as cool as it looked. More money than sense sometimes grin.gif. Anyone else running this unit with any tuning tips?


Y2K WR400FM,Answer top tree w/Accu-Trax clamp,Pro-Tapers(CR-Hi w/ EE handguards),Devol Rad. & frame guards, Guts tall soft foam w/ ballistic cover, 14/52 w/DID VM X-Ring, Kouba-T,Michelin M-12's ft.& rr.,12 oz. flywheel weight, Zip-Ty Racing Link & Shark Fin(plus everythhing else cool that Ty offers), Cycra front rotor guard and T.M. Designworks Chain guide, buffer & chain wheels. Street legal except for the non-"DOT" tires.

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