Daves carb mods

The hole is not 0.03125 inches larger, its in mm. This is only about 1.6% larger in terms of area. I doubt Dave determined the proper hole size to that level of precision. For what its worth, before I moved to an FCR carb I did Dave's mod on my CV carb with a 4 mm drill, it seemed to work fine.

+1. I saw in Dave's post the numbers is mm but he mistyped the measurement unit in inches. Now the possible confusion should be ruled out.

I haven't done the mod yet, but will do it when I have my air filter and my jets.

Hey I'm curious if you would want to do a trade? I would love a set of metric drill bits.. would you be interested in a trade for a set of SAE bits?

Are you telling me you can't find a metric set anywhere in California? I doubt a trade will be worth while as the postage between here and there would be killer expensive. Anyway, I really don't need an imperial/SAE drill bit set. :devil:

Ye gods, yes that was mm, or .00123 inches larger than 5/32.

Absolutely no hazard drilling 4mm vs 5/32.

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