YZ450 Dies after 2-3 minutes

The bike will idle on the stand for as long as its on. However, when I start riding slowly in 1st, 2nd gear it dies everytime after 3 minutes. I just rebuilt the top end over the winer, added a CHM complete exhaust system, went up on the main jet per CHM's instructions, and I also added one of those billet breathers to the stock gas cap. Anybody have any ideas??



try using the old gas cap check valve.

Sorry, I just have to ask....your petcock is ON isn't it?? :thumbsup:

try using the old gas cap check valve.

Could be a problem with the carby. Sorry I am not very technical in this but I had a similar problem in my old Husaberg. It would go nicely as long as I kept the revs very low. A complete clean out of the carby seemed to help..

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