Baja Designs Dual Sport Kits

Any preference from the Ez-mount kit vs. the Classic kit? Seems like some of the hardware on the Classic mounts under the seat rather then behind the headlight.

Also, on the LED front and rear blinkers, do they appear to minimal for California? To small?

I just installed the classic on mine. Since I planned to leave the kit on it all of the time I didn't see any need to add the equipment on the steering head. It's cleaner having the stuff under the seat and leaves room for computers or GPS behind the number plate/light.

The LEDs are pretty small and are probably not CA legal, but I don't care. They look cool and at that point it's a fix it ticket if you get ticketed. Besides them being cool, I went with the LEDs on the front to clear my tank (I've got that giant Acerbis 6 gallon tank and the standard front signals hit the tank) and on the back to keep from knocking them off when swinging my leg over the bike.

Hope this helps.


I've had my BD classic DS kit installed on my 600R for about three years, the only thing I had to do was install a different bulb in the brake light that was more resilient to vibration. Otherwise, the kit has put up with a lot of abuse and has done well. Worth the money :thumbsup:

Get the quick release. More money but easier to install and use.

I put an EZMount on mine... sweet, all the kit is held in the head light

so there is minimum mounting and moving stuff.

It's pretty much a QR but with bolt on head light.

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