Oil-Leak Countershaft seal spacer?

I'm replacing the countershaft seal due to it leaking, but I'm havine trouble removing it. The how do you get the spacer off of the shaft? Any tricks to remove the seal?

Also, does the spacer spin with the countershaft?

The "spacer" (collar is its real name) is sandwiched between the bearing inner race and the front sprocket, so yes, it very definitely turns with the shaft. There is an O-ring on the shaft to seal between the shaft and collar, and the collar becomes stuck to the ring over time. If it's being stubborn, put the bike in gear, grab the end of the collar with a pair of pliers, and rotate it on the shaft as you pull it outward. Check the collar for grooving by the seal. You may need to replace it as well.

Thanks for the advice. That collar sure is a pain to get off with almost no space to grip it with pliers. Just got the new seal on, and no leak when I warmed it up in the garage. We'll see how it holds up this weekend.

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