Should I put anything in it?

Well I broke my case and I am rebuilding the whole motor. I just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions of hop ups to do while it is apart. Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

On my 426, I'm wondering if theres a hop down :confused: Actually the motor is race from the factory, you can modify it with air flow(exhaust pipe, carburetor and jetting) and when thats done, you should have more horse power than sanity permits. :thumbsup:

They do have after market cams, 13.5:1 compression pistons, and probably stroker cranks available.

Unless you have allot of money and want to build the biggest monster out there, I would concentrate on just doing the rebuild and making it the most reliable, doing it right. :thumbsup:

All I really ride is desert and reliability is the more important. But I was wondering if there was anything I should do while I'm in there. Thanks for the reply, Dan

Bore it and Stroke it. If youre going to do something that extensive, you might as well tear the rest of the bike down and clean and polish everything as well. If I were you, id sandblast the frame and paint it flat black, i think it adds a nice touch. I would also remove all of the stock aluminum screws and replace them with some steel ones. I have stripped too many of the bloody damn stock screws.

I have a 13.5:1 piston in my 426. It brings the bottom end to life. From idle to 3/4 throttle it will pull alot harder than stock.

490 kit and high comp piston :thumbsup:

How did you break the case?

Thanks for all the feedback.

I broke the case on the ear where the kick starter pin is located. Kinda stupid and it really scares me to rebuild and use it again. What happened was I kick started it because the battery was dead. When I started it the compression kicked back at me and put a 2" hole behind the kicker. Bummer huh? :thumbsup:


If you need the kickshaft crankcase cover i have one thats brand new. I put all new bearing and seals in it also, mine broke just like yours so don't feel bad. Never had to use it, my wr is now a flattrack only machine ''push start''. pm me if I can help. Can you post a pic or two, i would like to see how close it looks to what mine looked like?


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