leaking water pump shaft seal

has anyone had problems with the water pump shaft seal leaking on the 06 450, mine is slow dripping when the bike is running through the weep hole.

Let the dealer fix it under warranty. :thumbsup:

I'm having the same problem, bike has very few hours. Talked to the service tech at the Yamaha dealer yesterday and this is what he told me. He said that they have seen this problem on new 450's, he told me to wait and ride the bike a couple of times and get a few more hours on it, says that sometimes the shaft seal takes awhile to fully seal if bike is not riden alot. I try his advise and let you know what happens.

thanx for the info im riding this weekend will see if it stops

Dealer tech here: The seals do require some time to seat properly. IMO, Yamaha should go to a labyrinth design instead of orings. Push come to shove, you can do it yourself for around 60 bucks and a couple of hours. If the shop will do it for free, take them up on it, otherwise order the parts from here, and do it yourself. I have seen quiet a few customers bring the bikes back and order me to fix it, but new parts aren't going to make it go away. My 04 still does it when it's really hot outside. I haven't ever changed any of my seals, check your coolant before every ride just to be safe!!

Remember, it's leaking because the o rings can't contain the pressure within the cooling system that's all. It's not going to blow out and dump everything in 2.1 seconds. So relax.

Stumpy :thumbsup:

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