2000 426 leaking Anti-freeze

My bike has started leaking water out of the "weep hole". I changed the water propeller shaft, bearing and seal last year. Does anyone know what might be happening? I've noticed that I have to always put water in the bike, but never noticed the water coming out of the"weep hole" until this past weekend at the dunes. Thanks for the help.

A couple of things. did you repalce the seal and shaft yourself? If the seal goes in backwards or if the little round spring around the inner lip is displaced it can leak prematurely.

Someone mentioned that crap can get into the pump housing through the weep hole and cause the seal to fail early also. Although it's not actually mixing with the coolant it is in contact with the shaft and both seals. They suggested putting a dab of grease over the weep hole to help keep crap out, and it shouldn't prevent coolant from draining when the seal does start to leak.

Usually when you have antifreeze coming out of the weep hole its means the water pump is pooched. My experience is to just buy new and not rebuild. You probably didnt notice any antifreeze coming out of the hole because it was filled with dirt. Not only that but if you keep topping up with water and not a mix, your mix ratio will go to hell, and the more water you put in the faster it will evaporate.


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