Please help with YZ450 oil/tranny fkuid question

My friend just got an 06 yz450f and he was wondering if the clutch is bathed in the engine oil or if you have to put tranny fluid in as well. The dealer told him only engine oil, but he noticed two drain plugs so he just wanted to make sure since the CRF's take both.


perhaps your friend got a manual with his new bike?

If your friend got a manual, he should read it. It has two drain plugs because it's a dry sump oiling system, which is going to be even harder for most people to understand now that the oil is carried within the engine than it was before.

The engine and trans share the same oil. If the dealer did not provide the manual that was supposed to have come with the bike (the local dealers say they weren't shipped on time) then the service department should at the very least show him how and why the the procedure works.

The short version is: drain the oil from the forward plug, drain the oil from the rearward plug, change the oil filter (or clean, if you have a reusable), fill it with 1qt, start it and run it for a minute, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, check the level.

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