Im an Idiot!!! Broke Bolt help!!

So I snapped the head of the bolt on the left side of the oil filter housing. :thumbsup: .I figured it would be easy to extract it using an easy out. But when I went to drill a hole it was very hard to drill..I didnt want to push hard and have the bit go shooting through so I was wondering do I continue drilling or is there another way to get it out? Also is this bolt hardened or something making it very hard to drill? Thanks so much for the help!! :thumbsup:

I had the same thing happen to my '04 except it broke off about an 1 1/2" back in the motor. I tried to get it out but with no luck. I just got a helicoil and that solved the problem.

DO NOT drill anymore until you get your hands on a left handed drill bit!! They are a must in a delicate situation like this. The reverse motion while drilling will even back the bolt out in many instances.

I second the left handed drill bit! :thumbsup: They work great!! I bought a set for around $20..

I will need to get a set of those left handed ones...I was drilling and drilling and still no luck with an easy out but I was able to get the other 2 bolts out and take the housing off. After that I was barely able to get some needle nose on the threads sticking out and I was able to get it out. I was so happy :thumbsup: . Now a new bolt and im set. Thanks for the help tho..

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