Scotts Oil Filter Cleaning

Just wondering how everyone is cleaning their stainless steel filters, is their a better way then hot water and dish soap.

Ride Often & Ride Safe

I've had good luck with contact cleaner.

Same way you clean the stock filter. I use aerosol brake cleaner. I'm still on my original '98 filter.


MX Tuner

Mark, aerosol brake cleaner on a air filter?

Interesting, I have not tried this. Kerosene has worked for me with the same longivity results.

On the Scotts, I use Contact or Brake cleaner & wash out with hot H2O.

Oil filters, Dave. I *have* used brake cleaner on an air filter in a pinch, but I'm leery of what it'll do to the foam after time.


MX Tuner

Thanks for the input guys.

Uncle Moose....did that thing really cost $70? Tell me the filter changes your oil for you too? Wowee they're really proud of those.


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Yes BlueThunder it cost $70 but I don't have to replace it. Paper filters I used to replace every oil change, this will save me money in the long run.

Uncle Moose, I'm still on my original '98 oil filter. You don't need to replace the stock filter.


MX Tuner

Unkle Moosey: I too clean my stock filter with contact cleaner, brake cleaner, then give it a good drying out with low pressure air from the inside. Im still using my stock filter with my 98 as well. no rips or tears so far...


Hey you guys that are still using your stock paper oil filter rolleyes.gif ARE NUTS tongue.gif I could never take that chance with an oil filter. Every other ride or 100 miles change oil and clean filter. Might not do much else to the bike, but oil & filter yes.

Ride Often & Ride Safe

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