Recommend A Dealer, Greenville SC

Just wondering if any one can recommend a dealer in the Greenville SC area, looking to get a WR450F, I am currently living in Myrtle Beach but I am moving to Mauldin SC next week, none of the dealers around MB have any on the floor, one said he could get one but wasn't budging on price, 6799.00 + 150.00 prep + 340.00 tax, I figure I should be able to do better than that! Also has anyone ever bought a bike through the TT store, the prices look good, just wondered how the transaction went. Thanks for the help. :thumbsup:

anderson yamaha-honda,ask for zeno,tell 'em that the north carolina mtn man sent ya;he'll hook you up i'll call right now and tell 'em i sent ya :thumbsu phone is 864-224-8817 he's working up a price now :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Thanks alot, I will call him right away

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