Just picked up - 2006 YZ450f

Is it Sunday yet? :thumbsup: Can't wait to put this through some paces. It shore looks purty !!

Congrats, i cant wait until i get mine!!! :lol::lol::thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk::bonk::bonk::bonk::cry::bonk::cry::bonk::bonk::cry::eek::eek::o:D:p:eek::eek::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Enjoy. :thumbsup:

I just picked one up too. Had to order it through my dealer because there stock was out. It will be here tomorrow or saturday at latest!

Good luck and enjoy it. :thumbsup:

before you even kick it over put the 48 pilot and 170 main jet in....absolute must....givr :thumbsup:

before you even kick it over put the 48 pilot and 170 main jet in....absolute must....givr :thumbsup:

did you just say, Give'r? :thumbsup:


put 4 rides on my new 06 yz450f. sold all my small bore Honda's and have taken the plunge to learn to ride this big bore effectively.

1st thing i noticed, i couldn't believe how "flickable" this bike felt. felt just like 250f's in the air and at turn in. great job yamaha. thats the major reason why i picked it over the others.

2nd- these big bores are FAST! - :thumbsup: - throttle control is a must. i have made great friends with my front brake lever.

3rd- this is the first 4 stroke i have ridden that has almost zero engine braking. i am not used to this. am i the only one who feels it?

4th- great build quality- typical yamaha. should be bulletproof as ever. a welcome change after a few grenading issues on my crf's in the past.

5th- up in the air about the suspension. good bump absorption as well as jump landings but the front doesn't seem to settle in the corners. feels very high in its stroke and not settling through the turns. maybe a revalve could take car of this? - feedback anyone? - thanks...

also did the jetting mod- 48 pilot, 168 main..... works great. no more popping.

mine was popping so loud just cruising through the pits that it was borderline embarrassing.

Have fun!!! You'll love it. :thumbsup::confused::thumbsup:

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