'06 YZ450F vs '05 YZ250 for woods

Need a comparo. The 2006 YZ450 vs a 2006 YZ250 (2-smoke) for tight (1st & 2nd gear) single track riding. Currently ride an '04 WR450 that's set up for desert racing. Much as I enjoy my WR, its just too damn heavy on the goat trails. I love the torque of a 450, but flickability of a 250 is very appealing.

Anyone out there ridden both bikes and can give me a comparison? The claimed dry weights only shows a 9 lb difference between the two bikes, but what is it feel like in the dirt :thumbsup: ? Any input is appreciated.


I went from an '03 YZ 250 to an '06 YZ 450f. After putting a flywheel weight and playing around with different sprocket combinations on the YZ 250, I dialed the bike in to where I had a blast on it as a woods bike.

I have primarily ridden the new bike in the desert and won't really get into the tight stuff until the snow melts in the higher elevations. I'm anticipating that I will need to do the same with the YZF (flywheel weight and sprocket changes to get a little more lugging on the low end), but overall feel the tranny and usable HP will make it a better choice in the tight stuff.

After getting used to the new bike, I honestly don't notice a big difference in weight... and the '06 suspension is light years ahead of the '03.

Good luck... :thumbsup:

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