Is this right with Scotts SS filter?

The Scotts filter has the rubber seal only in the cover side while stock filters have on both ends. Is this right?


That is just what mine looks like

Sure Blue,

I purchased the READY SS filters and it too only has the ruber on one end. The inlet side, just like your Scotts in the pic.

Thanks guys, now I can start her up. I was a bit puzzled. One of my buds blew up his bike when he accidentally used a stock filter without a seal, must have been the inlet one, so be careful, I think it will not build up the correct oil pressure without it.

The only thing you could do wrong with the oil filter is to break off the tab on the inside of the cover and put it in backward. That would block oil from flowing from the filter well into the cover and out to where it goes. It will develop the same pressure with no filter seals (or no filter at all), it just won't filter the oil.

The Scotts comes with a single seal. That's all that's needed.

Thanks for the info, gray, it's good to know. Guess the reason why my friend blew up his 450 was something else which he did not dare to tell. It was smelling like burnt hair when he pushed it to pits. He said it lost all drag. No oil at all was what I suspected already then and I think I was right.

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