XR650R slip-on exhaust??

XR650R uncorked

I'm currently using the stock silencer with the HRC tip. The other day I hear a rattling in my exhaust. I take the tip out and see that the spark arrester screen has broken it's welds and removed itself from the tip. Maybe I can fix it but I'm thinking of upgrading to something lighter and better looking.

What are your recommendations for slip-ons? I want some sound but no more than I was getting with the HRC tip. Is the ProCircuit Type 496 any good? What about the ???? I'd rather have something robustly build than the absolute lightest construction.

FMF, wakes it up..great sound...not offensive

Thanks for the opinion, khelton. Which FMF model are you refering too?

No one else is running a slip-on? Come on! I need opinions!

I had my stock exhaust ceramic coated. It looks pretty trick and keeps the heat in. I'm considering an FMF Q2 and the edelbrock as my last mods to the pig.

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