Why wouldn't this work!

Hello all!

I was wondering why this wouldn't work. I currently have a 2004 XR650L and I wanted a xr650R, but I wanted to have something street legal here in Wisconsin. I want to be able to do some Hare Scramble and be streetable. Here is my idea.

Give my dad who lives in Montana my "L" have him buy a "R" have the Baja kit and all to make it street legal in Montana get it plated in and I borrow it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I would think that you would draw less attention if you just had a wisconsin plate possibly from you L.

I would think that you would draw less attention if you just had a wisconsin plate possibly from you L.

The borrow route may just work out and be at least quasi legal. Carry a note from your father stating that he is loaning the bike to you. If you run into the same law enforcement officer too may times it might stop working.

The switch the plate method is easy, but if you get caught you will be in deep :thumbsup: . If you pull that move in here California, I think that they can charge you with a felony. Not worth the risk as far as I concerned.

I know the police here would have a field day with the plate switch also. I don't want to do anything illegal, just bend the rules a little.


As long as it gets registered once in MT, you'll be able to transfer the registration to WI. Also, you can borrow it all you want if it says on paper it's the old mans, and if the piggies run the VIN and it doesn't come back stolen they can't do shit. If you live where the cops are real dicks and they don't like you already they'll can make life aggravating; but taht's all.

I get along just fine with the cops. I'm getting to old to cause to much trouble.

That'll work. I can ride my AZ plated R in California w/o breaking the law. And I can loan it to my California friends there also. I've done both several times and never been stopped.

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